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eQuran Journey proudly presents our Online Quran Translation Course, designed for students who are already proficient in reciting the Quran but desire a deeper understanding of its meaning. This course is tailored to satisfy your yearning to comprehend the profound messages within the Quranic verses.

The most inspiring aspect of this course lies in its unique approach, enabling you to delve into the Quran word by word and discover the collective meaning of each verse. Through a systematic and comprehensive methodology, you will embark on a journey of unraveling the wisdom, guidance, and spiritual treasures contained within the Quran.

Online Quran Translation

Course Outline

At eQuran Journey, our Quran Translation Course aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the Quran’s meaning and context. This course is designed for individuals who already know how to recite the Quran and are eager to explore its profound messages. The following teaching steps are included in our course outline:

  1. Daily Vocabulary:

    • Learn the meanings of a few Arabic words each day to gradually build your vocabulary.
    • Expand your knowledge of key terms and concepts used in the Quran, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding.
  2. Basic Arabic Grammar Rules:

    • Gain a solid foundation in basic Arabic grammar rules, including Sarf (morphology) and Nahw (syntax).
    • Understand the structure and formation of words, enabling you to decipher the meaning of verses with grammatical insights.
  3. Basic Arabic Sentence Structures:

    • Explore the fundamentals of Arabic sentence structures, focusing on subjects, verbs, and objects.
    • Learn to analyze sentence components to grasp the intended meaning of Quranic verses more effectively.
  4. In-depth Understanding of Verses:

    • Dive into the meaning and background of selected verses, delving into their historical, social, and cultural context.
    • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the verses through detailed explanations, interpretations, and related teachings.
  5. Contextual Background of Revelation:

    • Explore the circumstances and context in which specific verses were revealed.
    • Gain insights into the historical events, incidents, and revelations that influenced the Quranic verses, enhancing your understanding of their significance.
  6. Student’s Comprehension:

    • Throughout the course, our instructors focus on ensuring that students can understand the meaning of the verses and grasp their context.
    • Engage in discussions, exercises, and interactive activities to enhance your comprehension skills.
  7. First Week Quran Classes Free:

    • Take advantage of our special offer: the first week of Quran Classes is free.
    • This trial period allows you to experience our teaching style, interact with our instructors, and decide whether to continue the course.

Join us at eQuran Journey and immerse yourself in the enlightening experience of Quran translation. Allow our experienced instructors to guide you through the teachings of the Quran, expanding your vocabulary, understanding basic grammar rules, sentence structures, and providing in-depth insights into the verses. Gain a profound appreciation for the Quran’s meaning, background, and transformative power, unlocking its timeless wisdom and guidance.